All the coders & programmers face the problem of writing a dumb code which they don't understand after completing whole project and their colleagues also find it very difficult to read or improve that piece of code.

So in today's article i will tell you some best proven techniques or points to improve your coding skills and make your code easy to understood for you and your colleagues too.

Without wasting time let's get started and learn something new.

5 Best Tips To Write Clean Code :

  1. Always use relevant words or names for your functions and variables. 

  2. Try To make your code easy to read by applying proper white spaces and indentations. 

  3. Always use comments while coding. 

  4. Try to create one function for one work only, don't mention too many works in a single function. Split your codes in many different part. 

  5. Always reviews your codes after completing it, and make sure to debug them properly. 

These are some of tips to write a clean code, just follow them and be a perfect coder.